What exactly does this mean?

Greetings Familia! We’ve received a few questions over the upside-down bottle logo that’s now printed on our cans and figured we would answer all of your questions in one spot. So here it goes…


So, what is it exactly?

Officially, it’s known as the “Independent Craft Brewer Seal”.


And what does it mean?

It’s a new certification mark that was introduced by the Brewers Association (BA) in 2017, to help beer drinkers #SeaktheSeal and identify that the beer they are drinking was made by an independent craft brewer.


How do breweries qualify for the seal?

They need to have a valid TTB Brewer’s Notice… AKA you need to be a legal brewer and seller of beer (we are, don’t worry). Then breweries need to meet the BA’s definition of an American Craft Brewer.


Is Concrete Beach independent craft?

The answer is YES! We’re part of A&S Brewing Collaborative, an independent subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company. Ultimately, we’re an independent craft brewer because our parent company, Boston Beer, is independent.

We also understand that people may have their own definitions of what “independent” means to them and we respect those opinions. According to the BA definition though, we are an independent craft brewer and we’re proud to wear the seal!


So, should I only buy beer with the Independent Craft Brewer seal?

That’s up to you. There are a lot of amazing beers to enjoy in South Florida, both with the seal and without. Our main goal has always been and always will be to brew delicious beers, support the Miami craft beer community and make our fans feel like family. If that sounds like your vibe, then you’re officially in la Concrete familia.


Ok, now we’re thirsty…

Us too… let’s pour ourselves a pint a raise a glass to craft beer (and American Beer Day on October 27). Salud!