Tropic of Passion Now Available in Cans!

We canned Tropic of Passion! AKA our passion fruit wheat ale. AKA liquid gold. AKA that sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. You’ve enjoyed it at the Social Hall and on draft around town, and now you can enjoy it at home, at the beach, by the pool, on the boat, at the tailgate or anywhere else where a refreshing beer is a must. Basically everywhere.

Tropic of Passion 4-packs are available in stores across town so check the beer finder to see where you can find them near you. Our team will also be hitting up Total Wines throughout the city on Feb. 26th and 27th to celebrate the can release with tastings and specials. Go find them!

In the meantime, check out these great behind-the-scenes shots of canning day!

[ Photos by Julia Rose. ]

^ Rise and shine! It was a long day at brewery with canning started at 7am. Long but oh, so worth it.
cbbcanning-192^ Started from the bottom now we here…

cbbcanning-135^ Watching Randy watching the line. 

cbbcanning-133^ Purple down, yellow up! 

cbbcanning-199^ Fillin’ up with passion 

cbbcanning-146^ Topping things off.

cbbcanning-81^ So beautiful. Too soon to crack one open?

cbbcanning-185^ Seal ‘er up nice and tight. No leaky cans allowed.

cbbcanning-132^ Off the line and almost ready to take home. 

cbbcanning-45Would you like paper or plastic, ma’am?

cbbcanning-187^ Our intern, Nichole topping things off like a rock star.

cbbcanning-37^ What true love looks like… *heart eye emoji* 

cbbcanning-5^ Stacked, wrapped and ready to ship! 


^ Keep your eyes peeled for these purple and gold cans in the beer aisle! You can find it here.