Top 8 Reasons to Host Your Company Party at a Brewery

1. Lots of beer – copious amounts and styles! If you think your group might not all like beer, think again. Say goodbye to boring light beers and say hello to the array of flavors that will surely win over your group. Positive that someone will complain? Bringing your own wine to pour for particular guests is totally cool too.

2. Room for activities! Most breweries will have oversized games to play, plenty of tables to share and the flexibility to bring your own food. The music is always good and the atmosphere is relaxed, so no more awkward conversations about “how the big deal is going?”

3. Skip the formalities, shall we? Formal banquets are so 1987. Have a fun time with your colleagues without the pretense. Your co-workers will thank you when they don’t have to rub elbows in a tux to the tunes of elevator jazz and eating crab puffs. Keep it casual and you’ll make it the best company party yet.

4. Private tours of the facilities. Take a stroll through the brewery and learn about the brewing process with your peers. A knowledgeable tour guide will bring you up to speed on all of the ins and outs of the beer-making biz. Take pictures among the barrels and tanks – and of course, your beer can come too! You may even be able to try some samples of the freshest brews.

5. Two words:  keg tree. Only the coolest breweries have keg trees and they make for a great photo session. Take your big company portrait in front of a huge Christmas tree made of kegs and send them to the other offices to make them jealous.

6. Elevate with a flight. A flight of beers that is! Depending on the size of your group, you can upgrade the experience with a flight tasting for the whole group. A savvy beer geek from the brewery will walk you through a tasting of four favorites from the menu. It’s kind of like a wine tasting, but better.

7. Take some drinks to go. Breweries will always have six-packs, bottles or growlers for the taking, making a tap room the only place from which you can bring your drinks home to enjoy.

8. Pet-friendly. Is your workplace pet-friendly? So is ours! Fido, Bud and all the pups in between are welcome at most breweries. Bring your pup to join in on the fun.

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