We’re Hittin’ the Pavement with Team Footworks

Ready, set, go!

On May 25th we are lacing up our running shoes alongside Team Footworks for our monthly Concrete Cavalry Run Club. We’ll meet at the Social Hall then trot through the scenic murals in Wynwood to Edgewater and back to our Social Hall for a cold one. Because after the 3.8 mile run, you deserve a beer!

Team Footworks is a non-profit that specializes in all things fitness and fun in Miami. You probably know them as the force behind runs such as the South Miami Twilight Run 5k and the Corporate Run. And now on the last Wednesday of every month, we will hit the pavement with Team Footworks for our Concrete Cavalry run club. The run is open to all runners, long-walk enthusiasts and beer lovers alike.

Grab your running shoes, fitness trackers and get ready to earn that pint!

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