Stuck on the Palmetto

New beer alert!

Stuck on the Palmetto (5.5%) is set to release at the Social Hall on May 15 during American Craft Beer Week

It’s a new take on the traditional Kölsch style ale. Brewed with coconut sugar and hearts of palm, this beer has a clean, crisp and light flavor, complemented by the subtle molasses like aroma from the sugar. Low hop bitterness allows the traditional Kölsch yeast to shine through, creating a hint of fruitiness. 

So where did the name come from?

Our Head Brewer Eric, a native from LA, was stuck in traffic on the Palmetto for his very first time… what he thought was a small traffic jam, turned out to be a never-ending woe and he was quickly acquainted with Miami.

3 words to describe “Stuck on the Palmetto”

Crisp… the taste is as crisp as the tan you get from sitting with your windows down

Untraditional… because coconut sugar and hearts of palm in a Kölsch-style ale is as untraditional as a traffic-free ride on the 826

Bright… because one can only hope the future is as bright for the 826 as it is for this clear-filtered ale.

3 words to describe the Palmetto 826

It. Never. Ends.

What year do you think construction will finally be done?

“Supposedly” this year (and every other year)!


Though the name may have been conceived while stuck in traffic, consider this your friendly reminder to never drink and drive. And as always…beauty is overwhelming. Enjoy in moderation.

You can try this new Kölsch during American Craft Beer Week! Plus there will be a sneak peak tasting for LoyALEty Club Members at 4pm. Join the club to received a complimentary sample: