Oh, What a Nitro!

We’re talking all things NITRO on March 26th for the release of our nitro Imperial Chocolate Chili Stout. Check out what our head brewer, Marco has to say about the beer in our latest Q&A…


Where did the idea for the beer come from?

We wanted to do something big and flavorful. I took inspiration from some of the big, delicious stouts that I have been tasting from some of our other fellow Florida breweries and put a little Concrete Beach flare on it.

Are you excited about the recipe and final product?

I absolutely love big, full bodied stouts. We have never brewed a beer like this at CBB and I am beyond happy with how it turned out. These style of beers are wonderful to work with when introducing special ingredients, as the beer can hold up to many different complex flavors.

Why do chocolate and chili go so well together?

Chocolate and spice is one of those classic combination of flavors that have worked so well in the culinary world for centuries. It always reminds me of a traditional Mexican Molé with rich chocolate flavors that perfectly complement the heat from the peppers.

And why do stouts support these flavors more than other styles of beer?

The inherent chocolate notes and roastiness of the base stout, embrace the chocolate and chili peppers in perfect harmony.

How prominent is the chili? Would you call it a spicy beer?

It definitely has a little kick to it, but it won’t knock your socks off. As with all of our beers, we strive to achieve a perfect balance. We want you to feel a little heat once you are finished with your first full pint of this beer and still feel refreshed and craving a second serving.

What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to brewing with chilis?

Knowing when enough is enough. It’s pretty easy to get heavy-handed on the chilis and end up with pepper spray instead of a pleasant beer.

Nitro definitely changes the mouthfeel of a beer… but are certain flavors more or less prominent when served on nitro?

Absolutely. I think that, to a certain degree, the perceived differences are subjective. With this beer in particular, the peppers open up more upfront on the palate in the CO2 version, whereas on nitro, the heat is subdued up front and more prevalent in the finish.

Will the beer also be served on CO2?

Yes, only at our Social Hall.

If someone brings a growler home (CO2 only), what foods would you recommend pairing with it?

I’d recommend pairing this dish with any type of spicy Mexican food, bitter chocolate or any other rich desserts like flan.

So Lulu’s will be in the house on March 26th with some of their unique nitro ice cream flavors. Which will you going for first to pair with the stout? Your choices are vanilla, Nutella or guava & goat cheese.

I honestly can’t wait to try all three of these!

You can try the nitro version of the Imperial Chocolate Chili Stout on March 26th during Oh, What a Nitro! The release will also feature a Live Q&A about all things nitro with Marco and Lulu’s Ice Cream.

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