Meet the Familia // Paul

Each month we highlight one of the awesome members of our wild and crazy familia. This month is all about our brewer Paul!

How long have you been with Concrete Beach?

One year, three months.

What’s your favorite CBB beer?

Stiltsville. It’s clean and crushable but also has a pleasant citrusy zest.

What’s your favorite non-CBB beer?

Probably Founders Backwoods Bastard. It’s such a chewy delight.

If you were a beer, what style would you be?

Obviously, I’m an American Blonde Ale.

How would you describe working here in 3 words?

Fun, sometimes frenzied.

If you were a genre of music, what would you be?

Enka     [Ed. Note: Enka Wikipedia ?]

What’s your spirit animal?

Whatever eats tardigrades. Haha! Just kidding Kyle.

What’s an interesting fact about you that not many people know?

I’m related to 15th century Norwegian royalty. Or so my grandmother says. She could totally be making that up though.

What’s your favorite local lunch spot in Wynwood?

Hot dog guy on 5th Ave, of course. Best food, best service. Period.

Favorite artist to listen to?

My daughter singing.

What’s your guilty pleasure (PG, of course)?

Expensive whisky, with no “e” and pizza. Lots of pizza.

Something that makes you go WHY?

All the cars honking their horns in this town.

Favorite movie?

The Empire Strikes Back.

Name three things you want to accomplish off your bucket list.

Own a 2003 Honda Africa Twin. Go into space. Raise a healthy family.


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