Meet the Familia // Irock

Each month we highlight one of the awesome members of our wild and crazy familia. This month is all about our Keymaster, Irock!

How long have you been with CBB?

March 2016

What’s your favorite CBB beer and why?

Bouvalay, easy. It’s just such a complex flavored beer.

What’s your favorite non-CBB beer and why?

The Kimmie, The Yink and The Holy Gose by Anderson Valley.

If you were a beer, what style would you be?

Something sour, obviously.

How would you describe working here in 3 words?

Here for beer. <3

If you were a genre of music, what would you be?

90s/00s boyband.

What’s your spirit animal?

Racoon. Stay up late and eat garbage.

What’s an interesting fact about you that not many people know?

I play a mean Kazoo.

What’s your favorite local lunch spot in Wynwood?

This week it has to be The Taco Stand. They are bringing happiness to my stomach.

Favorite artist to listen to?

This is impossible. Atmosphere might be the closest though.

If you had to describe your life with a fictional character who would it be?

I’ve been compared to Nick Miller from New Girl so much at the bar. I enjoy it at this point.

What’s your guilty pleasure (PG, of course)?

Redbull. So. Much. Redbull.

Something that makes you go WHY?

Children on leashes.

Favorite movie?

The Professional. Forever my favorite movie ever.

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