Meet the Familia // Brian

Our Meet the Familia blog series is back! Every month, we’re putting the spotlight on one of the many members of our crazy family. This month we’re featuring our Social Hall Manager, Brian!

Here we go…

How long have you been with CBB and what do you do?

I have been calling this brewery home for about 1 ½ years.

What’s your favorite Concrete Beach beer?

Bouvalay. This beer is not only amazing but it also brings back memories. It survived Hurricane Irma despite losing power! It’s a beautiful Bier de Garde with a hint of oak.

What’s your favorite non-CBB beer?

Is this a trick question? Tweak by Avery Brewing in Boulder, CO is the beer that started it all for me. These guys were throwing beer in wine and whiskey barrels while I was still drinking Coors Light!

If you were a beer, what style would you be?

Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter

How would you describe working here in 3 words?

Best job ever.

If you were a genre of music, what would you be?

Synth-pop and 90s Hip Hop.

What’s your spirit animal?

The red wolf.

What’s an interesting fact about you that not many people know?

I am an undercover geek.

What’s your favorite local lunch spot in Wynwood and why?

1-800 Lucky has really won me over. It reminds me of a place back in California that I had the pleasure of visiting.

Favorite artist to listen to?

The xx.

If you had to describe your life with fictional characters who would it be?

Cosmo Kramer because of his spontaneous lifestyle and hipster digs.

What’s your guilty pleasure (PG, of course)?

Hands down this is Boar’s Head sample cuts at Publix. I used to love going to the deli and ordering a quarter lb of everything just to make an amazing mountain of deli cuts to eat while I shop.

Something that makes you go WHY?

Fruit in beer.

Favorite movie?

A Knight’s Tale.

Name three things you want to accomplish off your bucket list.

1. Climb Denali

2. Travel to Europe

3. Commit the ultimate act of selflessness

…and there you have it! If you see Brian at the Social Hall, say hi!

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