Loyalety Club

The LoyALEty Club is a community extension of La Concrete Familia.

The club is dedicated to the people who share our passion for craft beer, love Concrete Beach and drink art with us everyday! As a card-holding member, you’ll get first access to select beer premieres and exclusive perks at our monthly brewery events.

Updates for 2019:

This updated version of the club does away with “leveling up” through the accrual of stamps. You can now purchase or gift a year-long membership to the club and reap the benefits from the minute your membership is active. There will only be one registration period per year, starting Feb. 1st and ending on April 1st.

LoyALEty Club Benefits Include: 

  • Concrete Beach branded stainless steel growler + first fill ($40 value)
  • Exclusive members-only t-shirt ($25 value)
  • Extended happy hour in the tap room every weekday until 8 PM
  • 10% off any one merchandise item
  • Welcome mixer with light bites
  • Invites to “familia exclusive” events and beer tastings

Memberships are $40 including tax.

Swag will be given during the Welcome Mixer in April, when the memberships will become active. 


** Registration for 2019 is CLOSED. Stay tuned for future announcements on how to join next year. **


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