A Look Back on Two Years

On Friday, May 19th we’re celebrating our 2 year anniversary with a Hoppy Birthday bash! To celebrate a wild two years of new friends, delicious beers and good times, we decided to take a look back with our Social Hall manager and OG, Jesse.

First off… can you believe it’s been 2 years already?

Not at all. There are groggy mornings when I pull up to the brewery still expecting it to be a construction site. I’m always warm and fuzzy when instead I smell brewing and I’m getting ready to talk to people about the new beers on tap.

If someone hasn’t been to the Social Hall since opening night, what’s changed?

Wow… lots! The beers, the furniture, the games we have available, artwork, our retail…

What else has evolved since day 1?

I feel like we’ve only really just begun to hit our stride. We’re putting out consistent beers that I’m really proud of, week over week. The brewery has gone from being open 3 days a week for limited hours, to being open 7 days a week over a broad range of hours.

What are some of your favorite beers we’ve had on tap?

Stiltsville. It’s always been my favorite beer from the day we opened til now. That said, I’ve loved lots of our beers; our Prohibition Lager, Julia (a dry-hopped American Barleywine), our Czech Pils and lately TangeRica. We’ve got some really amazing stuff on the horizon too but I can’t talk about that until after the anniversary party.

I’d say it’s no secret that we like a good party. What would you say has been the most memorable event we’ve hosted?

For me, Miami Gras the second year we did it. It was amazing. Closing the street, having bands playing up and down 24th, with food and beer? It was everything I could have wanted from an event and I can’t wait for next year.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen within the community these past 2 years?

Lots of new faces coming to Wynwood. People seem to be more and more excited about what’s happening in the neighborhood.

Any other moments from the past two years that have stuck with you?

The first pint we had with our crew after closing our first evening. The first time I saw our beer on draft somewhere other than the brewery. Just too many… I’ve lived and breathed this place for 2 years and I’m so proud of everything we’ve done.

What’s in store for year three?

Every day brings improvements and changes here. We’re going to be canning more and more, brewing more and more…searching out new and exciting styles and tastes. I’m personally excited about our Blocktoberfest this year in September. I think it’s going to be a blast.

Any beer ideas you’d love to see come to life down the line?

I try not to get too attached to any specific concepts, because I feel like that closes you off to other possibilities. What I’d really love to keep doing is brainstorming what other flavors or experiences we can try to bring into our beers.

3 words to describe Concrete Beach in 2015

Infancy, Exciting, Learning

3 words to describe Concrete Beach in 2017

Exciting, Community, Fun

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