Local Music + Local Beer = Sola Sessions

Local music and local beer are flowing at the Social Hall!  Every month starting this Friday night, we’re inviting in local musicians to share their craft while we share ours as part of #SolaSessions.  Mr. Pauer and Phaxas will be in the house this Friday to kick things off, so we decided to sit down with them and learn a little bit about the inspiration behind their craft.

So how did you get your start in music?

  • MR. PAUER:      I started in music when I was 8 yrs old. Making my drum set out of pots and pans… My starts were in rock as a drummer when I was 15 yrs old. After many years in bands, I decided to start producing my own music, more as an electronic artist and blending DJ set with live instruments creating my own sound called “Electropico”.
  • PHAXAS:      I started as an audio engineer…working in studios and recording, then making my way to live sound. DJing, production, and performance were all a logical progression from that.

What other musicians have influenced you the most?

  • MR PAUER:     The list is huge. Just to name a few I’ll say Fania All Stars, Booka Shade, Cerati, Sentimiento Muerto and recently I love what Bonobo and Thyco do.
  • PHAXAS:      My biggest musical influences have been Kraftwerk because of their innovative experimentation with machines; Portishead because of their use of samples, modular synths, beautiful songwriting, and dark vocals; and Solvent & Lowfish because of their use of analog equipment to make bassy and sonically-interesting landscapes.

How has Miami inspired your music?

  • MR. PAUER:     Miami inspires my music in many ways every day. Electropico is a Miami born sound that is heavily influenced by music from the tropics and here in Miami, I got the chance to discover new sounds and study many more through the diversity of nationalities. I love this city and its sound. As a Venezuelan born, I embrace my roots and also represent the city I’ve been living in for more than 20 yrs.
  • PHAXAS:     Miami is my hometown so naturally I have been influenced by the sights and sounds of the city. Growing up, house parties were a social staple and the tracks we would get down to were early freestyle and booty bass. There’s no doubt that the edgy synths and latin flavor of freestyle, as well as, the booming bass of booty music have found their way into my sets and production.

Describe your sound in 3 words.

  • MR PAUER:     Colorful, danceable, happy
  • PHAXAS:     Bassy, explorative, syncopated

What is one song (by another artists) you wish you had written?

  • MR. PAUER:     Cirrus by Bonobo
  • PHAXAS:      Moderat “Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)”…I wish I had written the original and created the remix!


For more info on Mr. Pauer and Phaxas, check them out on SoundCloud or better yet, come hear them live at the Social Hall this Friday night from 8-10pm! Did we mention it’s free?

Mr. Pauer