Introducing Rosé Ale

There’s a new wine-inspired beer in town and it’s the perfect sipper for both wine and beer fans alike. So is it a rosé or an ale…or both? Check out the Q&A below with our Head Brewer, Eric!


So what was the inspiration behind this beer?

Eric: We created this beer to be the perfect blend of Rosé wine and beer. Unlike other Rosé beers, we wanted this to be a true ale representation of Rosé wine.

What makes the color pink? And just how pink is it?

E: A blend of White Zinfandel grape juice blush and blueberry juice create this uniquely pink brew. While not a deep pink, it is very reminiscent of the drier Rosé wines that most people are familiar with.

How many iterations did you go through to get to the final recipe?

E: We went through a lot of different iterations. Between 5 recipe tweaks and 7 months of work, we are proud to say this is a true Rosé Ale

Does it taste more like beer or wine?

E: It is definitely a beer first, however the large amount of grape tannins really round out the flavor and create a very unique drinking experience.

Would you consider yourself a wine connoisseur?

E: After all of the R&D, I’ve definitely had more Rosé than I ever thought I would. I’m still just entering the wine world, but find it extremely interesting.

Why might someone drink a Rosé Ale instead of a Rosé Wine?

E: Rosé Ale is lighter on the palate and is carbonated so you get that refreshing bubbling while drinking. Plus ours comes in a can! So its perfect for taking out to the boat or picnic.

Does it come in a box?

E: Unfortunately just kegs and cans right now…but who knows about the future.

You can find Rosé Ale in 6-packs at select locations around Miami as well as on draft at the Social Hall, while it lasts!