Health, Wellness and Beer with Eddie Suarez

Whether you’ve given up on your New Year’s resolutions, still going strong or didn’t even set them, it’s never too late to get on that health and wellness train. And since we’re a brewery, we’re also big fans of having a little fun (and beer) along the way. Everything in moderation, right?

To celebrate our love for getting active and treating yourself with a beer, we decided to chat with one of our earliest and most dedicated members of La Concrete Familia (and Loyalety Club member)… Eddie Suarez! You may know him from our bi-weekly run club with Team Footworks, have seen him around the brewery at an event or for a pint.


CBB: How did you first get involved with Team Footworks?

Eddie: I was about 31 (2005 I think) and had to take a breather after climbing up just one flight of stairs. I had my hands on my knees and everything! That freaked me out. Being young and not being able to climb one flight of stairs. I told this to a co-worker who encouraged me to join the TeamFootWorks Fitness 101 which is the beginner walking and running program. I was not a runner. Never really ran ever. But after a lot of convincing, I joined and found a new love! Forget Couch to 5K, I went Couch to Full Marathon in just one year. And continued on to complete Ironman Couer d’Alene in 2008.


What do you love most about the bi-weekly Run Club at Concrete Beach?

Hard to give a “most” because I love so much about it. I have a healthy excuse to visit Concrete Beach. I catch up with runners who don’t run at the FootWorks Fun Runs. And I get to run through Wynwood, Edgewater, and Margaret Pace Park.


Will you be running in the Corporate Run again this year? What do you like about that “race”?

My joke is that I’m part of the team who runs the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run but we don’t run IN the Corporate Run. I will definitely be there! My favorite is seeing everyone celebrating together. The mission of the race is to promote health and fitness in the workplace. Fitness can be fun! So seeing everyone enjoying themselves means we’re accomplishing that mission.


What’s your running/fitness routine like?

I usually run 3 to 4 miles two to three times a week. I bike as often as possible, sometimes combining a road bike ride in the AM, and a mountain bike or gravel ride in the afternoon or evening. And a couple times a week I do the functional training classes at the m*ergy studio.


What music do you listen to while running?

I don’t listen to music when I bike or run. I prefer to listen to the sounds of nature, my breathing, my foot falls, my bike.


What’s your not-so-healthy, guilty pleasure? (besides beer)

Wings and pizza for salty, and Sweet Melody Ice Cream and Mojo Doughnuts for sweets.


How does your runners’ high compare to your beer buzz?

Great question. I’d have to say it’s hard to tell the difference. I’m super excitable. The runner’s high and beer intensifies that equally.


How many times TOTAL do you think you’ve been to the brewery?

Goodness… at least a couple times a month since you’ve opened. But even when I’m not there, I’m looking for Concrete Beach Beer wherever I go.


What’s your go-to CBB beer? Or your all-time favorite CBB beer? If they’re different…

Havana Lager is my current go to with Mas Hops as a close second. I don’t drink Mas Hops more because, at 10%, it’s a gateway beer. I know I’m in for a long evening when I crack open a Mas Hops. My all time favorite. I’m going all the way back to La Rica. Then you guys just made it yummier with Tangerica. But I do have fond memories of Nitro Walls. I think that was the name. I went to the Social Hall a couple times a week when it was available.


Favorite memory at Concrete Beach?

No contest. The launch of La Tropical. I took my dad who hadn’t had that beer since leaving Cuba as a teen. He said it brought back memories.


Want to join the Concrete Cavalry? Check out the run club on Eventbrite and Facebook and join us for a Wednesday group jog around the neighborhood! The run club also alternates weeks with Wynwood Boot Camp if you’re looking to make your brewery workouts a weekly routine.

We’re also excited to be back sponsoring the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Runs so be sure to find our crew for a post-run beer!