GUEST POST: On the Beach Dunes with Concrete Beach & Surfrider Foundation

By Mike Gibaldi, Treasurer, Surfrider Foundation Miami Chapter

We’re excited to announce that the Surfrider Foundation Miami Chapter is collaborating with Concrete Beach Brewery to bring local surfers and beach lovers premium craft beers at community events and fundraisers and to help both of our audiences become more ocean-friendly in their daily lives.

This month we’re teaming up to host volunteer dune restoration events August 19th and 26th as part of Beach Month. Protecting the beach is Surfrider Foundation’s primary mission and restoring the local dune ecosystem has been our priority for over 10 years.


So what is a dune restoration and why does it matter? 

Many areas of Miami Beach’s dunes have been compromised by the exotic, invasive scaevola plant. Scaevola was accidentally introduced from Hawaii decades ago and ended up crowding out the native plants and animals and compromising the integrity of our dunes, a situation that the City planners did not realize back then.

Surfrider Foundation has been leading volunteer efforts since 2006 along the 8-mile stretch of dunes of Miami Beach to remove the invaders so the dune ecosystem can recover to become strong & healthy again. Healthy dunes make a beach more stable as dunes are the first line of defense against hurricane-driven storm surge.

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

Meet up at 8:45 am on the sand and check in. Then Surfrider Foundation leaders will provide an orientation, gloves and tools and then guide volunteers throughout the plant removal work. It’s rugged, hot work so we’ll have a plenty of cold water refills. We’ll end at 11:45, re-gather and give away FREE Concrete Beach tank-tops and beer certificates for participants – yum!

** Attendees must register online in advance. **

What to Bring: An already filled, reusable water bottle (we avoid single-use plastics) and a towel for the after-swim.

What to Wear: Solid, closed shoes (no sandals!), sun-protective clothes, hat and sunscreen.

Where to Park: On street or 13th St garage – there are usually plenty of spaces in early morning.

Ready for a dose of gardening therapy and ocean karma! Please join us on either or both dates:

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