Going Back to School with Kyle

If you’ve been with us since day one, you’re probably familiar with Brew House Rock. But if you’re new to the family, you may have no idea that we offer a monthly class all about beer. That’s right, it’s that class that we all wish we could have taken in college.

Every month we take you through an hour-long discussion on a rotating list of beer topics ranging from hops to barrel-aging to homebrewing. And yes, each class includes a tasting as part of your $5 ticket. The best part, no homework or tests. Just come eager to learn a thing or two, ask questions and enjoy a beer.

The first few years of Brew House Rock were led by our former Social Hall Manager, Jesse Morris, but since he’s left Miami to be closer to family, our crew of brewers have taken the reigns. One such brewer and familiar face is Kyle Santos!

Check out what he has to say about brewing, teaching Brew House Rock and more!

How long have you been brewing beer? Professionally or home brewing.

Kyle: I have been brewing beer professionally for about 7 years now. Geez, I can’t believe its been that long it seems like 7  weeks ago!

Have you ever taught anything before? Teacher in your past life perhaps?

Kyle: Ironically I started off going to college to be a teacher and instead ended up being a brewer. Years ago I taught some brewing classes in Rhode Island where I’m from.

Any topic(s) you’re really looking forward to teaching in BHR?

Kyle: The Brew House Rock classes that I’m most looking forward to are primarily process related. People are very interested in the technical side of brewing, which is great.

What’s your current favorite CBB beer?

Kyle: This is tough — it’s like picking a favorite child. I’d have to say that lately I’ve been really digging our SugarShack Tropical Stout.

What’s your favorite beer ever?

Kyle: Favorite beer of all time? Well that’s easy, Cantillon Gueze of course. But since it’s so rate, you’re more than likely to see me drinking a nice, classic pilsner

Join Kyle and other members of our brewing team during our monthly Brew House Rock classes. For a full list of events, click here.