Getting to Know Tiffany Beasi

In honor of the upcoming beer launch of Deck the Walls, we sat down with Tiffany Beasi, the winner of the 2018 Deck the Walls can art competition, to learn more about her experience and where she finds inspiration. Her winning piece will be featured on the 2019 Deck the Walls cans, launching at the Social Hall on December 7th. Check out our conversation below!

What was your inspiration behind this particular painting? Lions are symbols of courage, wisdom, power and strength. Most of my paintings are inspired by nature, animals and Florida landscapes. To me, the lion represents standing up for something you believe in, fiercely defending it and to find strength in yourself.

A can isn’t your first unconventional canvas. You have history of painting on a variety of objects from shoes to skateboards to large scale murals. What is your favorite thing to paint on? I would say murals and large works. Murals take time, planning and Florida weather doesn’t always work with you. However, the end result is very rewarding as you see the community interact, be inspired by your work or a happy client!

Tell us about a project that you’re most proud of. Throughout my career there have been wins where I was certainly proud of. Most recently would be the Deck the Walls contest. I have been trying for some years now to break into the beer can art I was so happy I was chosen it truly is an honor! I hope to continue down this industry. Last year, I won Fantasy Fest Poster Contest and that was a great achievement. Thousands of people were wearing my art on shirts. Early on in my career, I did a big project for Hard Rock International called Top of the Rock. My hand-painted guitars are still displayed internationally in Dublin Ireland, Buenos Aires, Munich, Germany and Las Vegas.

Deck the Walls aside, if you were to pair any beer with your creative style, what would it be and why (doesn’t need to be a Concrete Beach beer). Brewing is the art, my design on the can just makes it pretty. Summer shandy cause it is light, with lemonade flavor, which I use a lot of yellows and brighter colors in my work — or a Berliner that is zesty.

How did you initially get into painting? My family put me in every art class at a young age, but I started painting in college. My degree is in graphic design, but once I caught the painting bug I took every painting class I could. At first, it really didn’t come natural to me and was pretty frustrating. Once I put time and practice in it quickly became my passion. I do enjoy the balance of creative projects I have now bouncing between painting and design projects. I do not see myself as just a painter or just a designer. Both passions fuel each other and give a nice break to creative process.

Who are the most influential artists in your life? Frida Kalho, she used art as her therapy.

Favorite part(s) of Miami and why? Do you pull that into your work? The bright colors and energy of my work is inspired in Miami. Wynwood would be my favorite place, because of the art culture, and it feels like home being around so much art. I believe in the outdoor museum of public art because everyone has access to it.


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