Move With the Bouv: Bouvalay Can Release



Concrete Beach Brewery
Move With the Bouv: Bouvalay Can Release

Move with the BOUV with us at a summer bash celebrating our first ever can release of Bouvalay! The party will feature live music, local food vendors, our photobooth, beach balls and summer swag.


Bouvalay was first released back in 2017 as part of the Gallery Series and will make its debut in 12oz. cans on August 18 at 12pm.


** THE BEER **

Bouvalay is what we like to call a hurricane-lagered, French bière de garde. This style, which translates to “beer which has been kept,” was aging on French oak when the brewery was evacuated during 2017’s Hurricane Irma. Without power, and therefore no temperature control, it was aged au natural, intensifying the tannic vanilla notes from the oak.

Bouvalay is a smooth, dark mahogany-colored beer with notes of spice, vanilla and dark fruit.



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