The Dome, The Dummy and The Dutch

There’s a new beer on tap at the Social Hall!

It’s a Triple IPA that clocks in at 11.2% ABV and according to Jesse, “This is a beer that you just have to try. It’s absolutely fantastic.” Here’s what else he had to say about:


3 words to describe the beer that aren’t dome, dummy or dutch. Go…

Piney, boozy, and delicious.

What makes it a Triple IPA vs. a double IPA like Mas Hops?

A triple IPA isn’t really a style. It’s actually more a play on the Belgian system (abbey, dubbel, tripel) to indicate that this IPA is badder and bolder than your standard IPA. It has warrior, mosaic, and Amarillo. Mas Hops is made with chinook, citra, and centennial.

How do you keep it balanced and drinkable?

All beer is a balancing act between sweetness, bitterness, alcohol, and CO2 (bubbles!). The Dome, the Dummy, and the Dutch is balanced perfectly between all of these factors, while being dry and slightly bitter with a clean finish.

And the name?

The Dome, The Dummy, and the Dutch is a reference to our 3 man brew team that created the beer some months back. We’ll let you try and figure out who’s who!


Come by the brewery for a pint!