Deck the Walls: Meet the Artists

Deck the Walls, our annual block party and live art extravaganza, is right around the corner and we…can’t…wait. The event is set for November 18th and will feature the annual (can!) release of our spiced imperial porter, Deck the Walls, as well as live music, food trucks and live art.

This year’s live art is special because YOU will get to vote on your favorite piece that will be featured on next year’s Deck the Walls can. You can’t vote wrong with the artists that will be featured. Check them out below!

Monique Lassooij

How would I describe my style:

My style is pop art with a limited palette of white, two greys, and one other color

How Miami inspires me:

I fell in love with Miami the first time I came here. The light, the weather, the wackyness of most people here, the palm trees, the colors, and the fact that most people drive worse than me. This city challenges you and at the same time flirts with you. That is inspiration to me. It is not an easy place, but I would not want to be anywhere else.

Rei Ramirez

How would I describe my style:

I am a local Miami artist, muralist and street artist. My home studio is in Miami Beach. My style is a mix of classical painting like portraiture, impressionism nature and some surrealism fused with street art, Urban Organics.

How Miami inspires me:

Miami inspires me with its wide diversity of culture, its people, but mainly its climate and natural tropical surroundings, like beaches, sunsets and colorful skies.

I am Inspired by nature in general: animals, sky colors, trees, oceans, beaches and their essence: its sounds, scent and creatures. Other inspirations also come from human nature, the feminine form, extraterrestrial shapes (crop circles), hieroglyphics and mystic scripts, street art, graffiti, typography and Graphic Design. I look to continue to expand my art career and meet new people and places.


Courtney Einhorn

How would I describe my style:

My artistic style is bold, colorful and filled with texture- the possibilities are endless. I have both an abstract and pop-art style.

How Miami inspires me:

Born and raised in Miami, I’m strongly influenced by the city’s vibrant colors, which shines through in my paintings. Her purpose in her creations is to elicit an uplifting energy from the viewer; the most common words I hear when people describe my work are, “happy, cheerful, vivid.”


Ivan Roque

How would I describe my style:

My work is raw, yet elegant, brutal but truthful, powerful but majestic thats how I can describe my work.

How Miami inspires me:

Miami is my home, where I was born, what made me who I am and I will always bleed those neon lights and sun lit seas.


Nate Dee

How would I describe my style:

Urban contemporary

How Miami inspires me:

The multiple cultures and ethnicities, mixing, overlapping, and living side by side!


Renda Writer

How would I describe my style:

I do Handwritten art. The words are the art, and the art is the word.

How Miami inspires me:

In every way, all the time.









Be sure to join us on November 18th for our Deck the Walls block party and see the artists in action. RSVP HERE

We will also be donating $1 from every Deck the Walls beer sold during the block party to Life is Art. Learn more about the organization here.