Cranking Up the Canning

Our crew has been cranking up the canning this month so that you can bring your Concrete Beach favorites to the beach, the pool, the parks and beyond. The canning line’s been a labor of love and this has been a long time coming, so we checked in with Social Manager, Jesse to see how it’s been going!

First up… TangeRica IPA!

We’ve been canning for at least a year now, right?

Longer actually! It’s been about a year and a half.

Do you feel like the crew is hitting their stride with the system? Has there been a learning curve?

The answer to both is yes. Any new piece of machinery takes a bit to get familiar with and we certainly had a learning curve here. However, we’ve absolutely made improvements in our process and it’s actually really fun now.

Why do craft beer and cans seem to go hand in hand together these days?

This is an easy one: Craft beer producers and drinkers CARE about the beers they’re drinking. Cans are actually a better vessel for beers than bottles for a number of reasons. Cans can’t get lightstruck, they have a low chance of oxidation [aka when your beer tastes stale], they’re easier to make and keep cold, they’re more portable…the list goes on and on!

Go, Kyle, go!

What’s the drive behind upping our canning production? More beers to take home? More variety?

I think both of those are true. One, we have to increase our production because people keep drinking more of our beer! Beyond that though, increasing our canning production absolutely will give us a more steady stream of cans available for people to take home as well as allowing us to can more and different types of beers.

Stiltsville is going into cans as well, right? How excited are you for beach days with Stiltsville?

Since Stiltsville is my personal favorite of our beers, I don’t know that I could be more excited honestly. Not just beach days….like, house cleaning days, reading days, playing guitar days….all the activities in my life are about to be enhanced.

Can you tell us which limited release beers we might see in cans this year?

That’s a negative, Ghost Rider. All I can reveal at the current moment is that you should keep an eye on our social media and our website, or join our mailing list…and be ready to get thirsty.

When will they be released or are the release dates still TBD?

We’ve got a really good idea of when we’ll be able to release some new flavors, but again, we aren’t ready to reveal that surprise yet.


Follow along on Instagram to see what else is heading down the canning line this summer. And check the beer finder to see where you can find us around town!