The Class You’re Allowed to Drink In

No, it’s not that music class with Jack Black. It’s not that government cartoon we used to watch in middle school either. It’s the class you wish you could’ve taken in college. A class about beer. So much cooler, right? Ok, maybe it’s tied for first with Jack Black…maybe.

Brew House Rock is our monthly beer class at the Social Hall where we tap into Jesse’s wealth of knowledge on all things beer history, beer making and beer drinking. We also drink.

The classes started back in November and have been growing as fast as Jesse’s beard. We’ve had classes on malt, hops, the incredible yeast, homebrewing, beer history and even a class on how to become a better beer drinker.

They’ve been a ton of fun and we look forward to your questions and your company every month! So whether you know a lot about beer or nothing at all, you’ve got a seat at Brew House Rock.

So when’s the next one, what’s it about, and how do you get tickets? Great questions!

The next one is set for Monday, May 2nd (first Monday of every month) and will be about the myths, legends and cold bitter truths that surround IPAs. The IPA craze is HUGE these days so we thought they deserved their own night to explore.

Tickets are $5 and include a tasting and discussion during the 1 hour class. You can buy them online in advance or that night at the Social Hall (space is limited).

See you Monday night!