Brewing Cerveza La Tropical!

Have you heard?! We’re brewing one of Cuba’s most beloved and historic beers here at our brewery. The beer dates back well over a century, so how did it get here? And why Concrete Beach? Let’s rewind quickly…



1888 – The original Cuban brewery, Cerveceria La Tropical opens its doors.
1958 – Cerveza La Tropical, La Original accounts for almost 60% of beer sold in Cuba.
1960 – The brewery is nationalized by the Cuban government.
2008 – The brewery closes its doors due to lack of funds.
2015 – Concrete Beach meets Manny Portuondo.
2016 – Brewing of Cerveza La Tropical at the Social Hall begins!



The connection was made between Concrete Beach Brewery and Cerveceria La Tropical, when we first met Manny Portuondo, whose great, great grandfather owned the land in Havana that Cuba’s original brewery was built on.

We then met Ramon Blanco Herrara (pictured left), whose great grandfather actually founded the brewery. Stories were shared, beer was enjoyed and the desire to bring the spirit of Cuban beer to Miami was born. A few months ago, that dream became a reality at the Social Hall.



Cerveza La Tropical, La Original is one of the oldest and most iconic beers of Cuba, with an original recipe that dates back to the brewery’s formation in 1888. It’s a Vienna-styler lager brewed with noble hops and it’s known for a rich amber color and malty sweetness.

Our crew worked directly with Ramon and Manny to recreate the classic recipe and bring a taste of La Tropical’s brewing tradition to the people of Miami. We’re super excited about how it turned out and can’t wait for you to taste it!



To celebrate the release of this iconic beer, we’ll be turning the Social Hall into Los Jardines de La Tropical on Sunday, May 22nd! 

The event is FREE and will feature live Cuban music, hand-rolled cigars from Cigar Stud, food from a traditional La Caja-China and Cerveza La Tropical available exclusively on draft at the Social Hall.

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