Brewer Q&A: Brewing Trope IPA

In case you missed it… there’s a new IPA on tap in the Social Hall! Check out what our head brewer, Eric, has to say about this hazy addition to the tap tower.


1. First things first, what type of beer is Brewing Trope?

Brewing Trope is a hazy IPA. It’s not quite as intense as a New England-style IPA, but at 6.4% ABV and loaded with Mosaic, Amarillo, and Experimental 07270, it packs an intense tropical fruit aroma while still keeping a pleasant bitter balance.

2. What was the inspiration behind brewing this type of beer?

We wanted to brew a beer for our Concrete-A-Con event at the brewery. In all types of entertainment and literature, there are consistently recurring themes, or “tropes”,  that seem to stick around. In the brewing world, a new trope would be considered the hazy IPA.

3. Why are hazy IPAs all the rage right now?

Hazy IPAs are popular because they really highlight the citrus, fruity nature of some of the most popular hops in brewing right now. Combined with a sweeter malt flavor, this has become a winning formula for a lot of palates.

4. What makes an IPA hazy or not?

The haze comes from the combination of yeast and hop particles left in solution. These attach to the proteins left over from the malt and like to hang out.

5. Do you have a personal favorite type of IPA? West, East, New England, something else?

I grew up on the West Coast, so West Coast-style IPAs always have a special place in my heart. I usually go for those, but I enjoy any IPA style these days.

Come try it exclusively at the Social Hall!