5 Reasons to come to Miami Gras!

#MiamiGras is coming to the brewery on March 4th… that’s this weekend!

Here are 5 reasons you should come…in case it being one of your last chances to enjoy our Honey Juniper Saison isn’t enough!

5. The Music and Dancing

Miami Gras is our own way of celebrating Carnaval and it’s the perfect opportunity to dance to the beat of the drums with both a fun and funky New Orleans-style (Bad Apples Brass Band) and drums that blend Afro-Latino beats (Lanzallamas).

When it comes to dancing, it will be a day of no rules, no routine and no inhibitions so dance, laugh and drink the day away before the solemn rituals and deprivations of lent arrive.

4. The People

The best thing about Carnaval and Mardi Gras is the energy of the people. It’s pure joy to see friends celebrating together and creating memories over a beer or two. Genuine smiles are everywhere, the buzz in the air is infectious and it’s a reminder of what fun means. Miami Gras will be no different!

3. The Performers

In addition to live music, Miami Gras will also feature live performances by Bateria Unidos da Florida of the Unidos de Miami Samba School! They’ll have you shuffling, jumping, dancing, bumping. Think of it as a fun way to get beach bod ready before spring break.

2. The Costumes

Miami Gras is all about dressing up and the sassy costumes will be on point! So make your costume (or mask) and mingle without constraints. You can improvise with cardboard, plastic, discarded jugs, beads, feathers or whatever you have around your house and then escape from everyday life for a few hours!

1. It’s FREE!

Should we say it again? It’s FREE! Our motto is that Miami Gras must be enjoyed by “ALL”.  The block party will feature live music, performances, beads, masks, no cover change, no religion-caste-creed restrictions and absolutely no invitation needed. Because someone once said… the best things in live are FREE!

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