10 New Super-BEER-oes On Tap at the Social Hall

It’s time to embrace your inner nerd (or superhero, or villain…you decide) because Concrete-A-Con is coming to the Social Hall on July 21st!

To honor our favorite comic book characters, we decided to rename some Concrete Beach classics for the bash. Question is…

…will you pick your favorite beer and dress like that character? Or pick your favorite character and make that your beer of the night? The choice is all yours.

Meet the Super-BEER-oes…


1. Smallville, Miami

Stiltsville Miami-Style Pilsner

The iconic town where Clark Kent, aka Superman, was raised is the only sensible alter-ego for our flagship pilsner.

2. Super Mango

Mango Gose

Super Mango is just the hero your thirst needs.


3. The Thing


It’s orange, strong, and surprising.


4. Master Chief

Mas Hops

Master Chief fought to keep the universe safe in Halo. Mas Hops will fight to keep your taste buds entertained from start to finish.


5. The Dark Knight

Sugar Shack

Batman attacks from the shadows in defense of Gotham. Sugar Shack provides the perfect cover of darkness for you to enjoy all evening.

6. Pink Panther

Tropic of Passion

Our pink-hued drink will answer the riddle: what do I want to drink?

7. The Terminator

Hasta Luego

With a delightful taste that smooths out its high ABV, our Belgian-style Tripel will have you saying “hasta la vista, baby” by the end of the evening.


8. La Bandera

Havana Lager

A classic Cuban superhero becomes a classic Cuban beer.

9. Clark Kent 


Pull off the glasses on this mild-mannered ale and you’ll see that it’s actually a spicy take on an old-school beer.


10. Peter Parker 

Concrete Common

Much like Peter Parker, our Common is mild-mannered, yet a hybrid at its core.


Come enjoy a pint with your favorite superheroes on July 21st!

Plus we’ll have…

  • A comic book pop-up shop, Gauntlet Comic Books
  • A video game competition with a grand prize that includes 2 tickets to Fort Lauderdale’s SuperCon!
  • Discounted beers for cosplay attire
  • Caricature drawings
  • Japanese treats by Gaijin Taiyaki
  • & more!

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