10 #EverydayCelebrations To Raise a Beer To

Missing the endless stream of holiday parties, gatherings and festive cheer? We have something even better.

All the beer and joy of holiday celebrations but without the stress. We bring you #EverydayCelebrations… AKA more reasons to crack a beer with friends and family. 

10. Primo got a job in New York

9. The U just scored!

8. Caro’s boyfriend finally proposed

7. Your wife’s pregnant and she’s having a boy

6. Finally paid off my student loans from FIU

5. Tati opened up her own boutique

4. Moved out of my parent’s house (to Mom’s dismay!)

3. Made dinner instead of ordering out

2. Mastered the art of la espumita on the cafecito

1. Primo came back to Miami por el frio


See? There are PLENTY of reasons to celebrate with a beer. Whether it’s a Havana, Sola IPA, Rosé or Stiltsville… we want you to share your #EverydayCelebrations with us! Just tag @concretebachfl and #EverydayCelebrations on Instagram and we’ll repost some of our favorites (and maybe even send some swag your way!).