1 Week, 11 Events, 2 New Beers

The Gallery Series is exactly that…1 week, 11 events and 2 new beers. It’s a week where chefs from Miami, to Fort Lauderdale, to Boca can get creative and pair delicious bites with delicious beers. It’s a week where you can meet and mingle with our Head Brewer, Marco, and learn more about the brewing behind the beers. It’s a week (the ONLY week) where you can get a taste of Sangre de Flor Imperial Chocolate Hibiscus Porter and Julia American Barleywine. It’s October 2-8.

To give you a preview of what to expect from the Gallery Series beers, we checked in with Marco himself.

So what was the inspiration behind the 2 beers? Let’s star with Sangre de Flor…

  • For Sangre de Flor we wanted to create a unique beer bringing together ingredients that you dont normally see together. We used brown sugar, cocoa and hibiscus to produce a delicious combination of flavors in an imperial porter. The name, Sangre de Flor, means “blood of the flower”. The use of hibiscus gave us a beautiful deep red hue as that adds character to this incredible porter.

Is there a difference between an imperial porter and a stout?

  • This is a somewhat debatable topic as some brewers feel that there is a fine line between porters and stouts wile others feel that there is a clear distinction. For me, porters range in color from brown to black and generally display sweeter, more chocolate- and biscuit-like malt characters. Stouts on the other hand, are usually very black in color and should always have some amount of roasty character from the use of roasted barley. These, to me, tend to be more coffee-like.

And Julia?

  • Julia Barleywine is a classic American-Style Barleywine. Heavy handed doses of American hops balance out the sweet, malty backbone of this amber/red colored behemoth. It was named after Julia Tuttle, the “mother of Miami”. Julia was the owner of the land that is now Miami and was a leader in the movement to develop the city in the late 1890’s.

What exactly is a barleywine?

  • Barleywine was originally an English ale style known for its high alcohol content and sweet malt character. American versions are usually balanced with large additions of American Hops.

What were some of the challenges you faced during brewing (if any…)?

  • We ran a couple test batches of Sangre de Flor to find the right combination of Hibiscus and Cocoa. We nailed it on our last attempt.

Would you consider these dessert beers? (Is that a thing?) 

  • I think that any beer can be a dessert beer after the right meal or paired with the perfect dessert.

What’s the biggest challenge some of the chefs might face in pairing menu items with each beer? 

  • I don’t foresee any challenges for these talented chefs to create elegant dishes to pair with these beers. There are many directions that a chef may take to create the perfect pairing with both styles.

What would you pair with each beer? 

  • I would say the the Julia would work nicely with a pungent or moldy cheese as well as with some sort of caramelized meat dish. The Sangre de Flor would work nicely with either a savory red meat dish or a chocolate/stone fruit dessert.

Can we expect to see these on tap at the Social Hall anytime soon?

  • These will be tapped at our Social Hall this upcoming Monday 10/3 to help kick off Gallery Series Week!


Check out the full list of Gallery Series Events and come try Sangre de Flor and Julia October 2-8!