What Beer Would You Brew for Miami?

If you could choose any flavor combination that best captures the spirit of Miami, what would it be? What if we asked the same question, but told you we were going to brew a beer based on your answer? That’s just what we’re doing with our What Brews You? contest.

Our city has so many outlets to draw inspiration from, and we’d love to hear what Miami flavors you’d bring to the table. Get creative, get weird, and most importantly get in touch with the tastes that pulse from our city’s cultural scape! The best part about What Brews You? is not only will we brew your beer, we’ll ask you to join us in doing so. We’re also giving away a custom Concrete Beach kegerator, tap handle, and case of pint glasses. Better yet, we’re not picking just one, but two winners.

The first submission period runs through March 31st. We’ll pick an winner based on the first round of submissions. Then we’ll run the contest again from April 1st – May 31st, where we’ll pick a second winner. People who enter the first round can opt in to automatically be entered into round two.

So get brainstorming on what beer you think best captures the 305. Ideas can be submitted here: http://concretebeachbrewery.com/whatbrewsyou/.