The Best Is Yet To Come

A little over a year ago, when we began this project, Concrete Beach Brewery was a sandpit with four walls. And we were proud of our sandpit! Over the months and weeks, we continued to evolve and grow. First came our floor. Being Concrete Beach, the obvious choice was to use concrete. After it was poured and leveled, we treated it with a beautiful baby blue chemical safe coat and we thought to ourselves, “Wow, we’re really getting somewhere.”

Shortly after our floor was finished, we began to set our tanks and brewhouse into place. Big, shiny, stainless steel tanks glinting in the light anywhere you looked in the brewery — it was beautiful. We kept some of those tanks wrapped in either tarp or plastic so they would be protected from the coming construction, and we moved on. No time to admire; we still had so much work to do.

Enter heavy construction. Walls went up, drains were dug, the bar started to come to life. We put up the walls on our wholesale cooler. We filled it (sadly) with empty kegs eagerly anticipating their first drop of Stiltsville Pilsner. We cut, glued, and hung glycol piping to ensure that our future beer will always maintain the appropriate temperature. And we thought, “We’ve got ourselves a brewery.”

We were wrong. When the power finally turned on and we saw our tanks gleaming, we thought again, “Now it’s real.” When the A/C unit kicked on for the first time and echoed like the breathing of a giant mechanical beast, again the thought of “Finally!” went through the collective consciousness and again, we were wrong.

Yesterday, we unwrapped our brewhouse. Being able to take the clingy, protective wrap off and see the fresh shiny copper underneath was an amazing experience. At the same time, Sola, our lonely water nymph, was being immortalized in our tasting room. Yesterday felt like “it.” Each of us here at the brewery turned to each other and said excitedly, “Wow. THIS is our brewery.” The only thing we know for sure is that we’re wrong. If we’re doing it right, it will never fully feel “complete.” There will always be a new and exciting moment for us to revel in. And we can’t wait to share them with you.