Talking Beer and Donuts with The Salty Donut

We’re celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary with a surprise party on May 19th! The twist? The surprises are for YOU! Hop over to our Instagram and Facebook pages to see what we’ve been revealing so far and what else we have up our sleeves.

In case you’re already following, you might have seen that our friends from The Salty Donut will be bringing some delectable donuts made with our beers exclusively for the anniversary bash. You’ll have to show up to get a taste but here’s a little bit more info about our neighbors to get you excited!

How did The Salty Donut concept start?

Amanda: My husband [Andy] and I (boyfriend at time time) were super big foodies who were super big about traveling.We would take monthly trips whenever we would save up enough and every time we would travel we realized that these cities like LA, Seattle, NYC, Portland… they all had these amazing donut shops that people were going nuts over. Then, sadly, we’d come back to Miami and we’d have NOTHING! The closest thing we had to a donut shop was Krispy Kreme. We both were like ok enough is enough, it’s time to just take a leap of faith and start something here in Miami that will hopefully make Miami better. Here were are now!


What sets The Salty Donut apart from other donut bakeries?

I think it’s the fact that we literally make everything in house. There seems to be a trend in others calling themselves ‘gourmet’ or ‘artisanal’ yet they purchase fillings and glazes by the gallon from chain stores. Like I mentioned, we literally make everything in house from our own almond butter to even juicing our own pineapples.


What do you love about Wynwood? And does it inspire your menu ever?

I love that Wynwood accepts quirky concepts. It’s such a weird place because no one really lives by here, yet everyone hangs out here! The range of galleries and restaurants in the area really keep us inspired to stay true to who we are and keep reinventing the wheel in the donut world!

How early do you start baking every morning?



What are some of the weirdest ingredients you’ve ever used? (Both successful and not)

Definitely has to be poppyseed (total fail), matcha (another fail), and the one success which was corn bread and jalapeños!


Have you ever made donuts with beer as an ingredient before?

Yea! We’ve used beer a couple different times from different local breweries. Its’ definitely a challenge, but it’s so fun creating unique flavor profiles with beer.


What effects does beer have on the doughnut? Flavor? Texture? Something else?

Really beer is just a fun thing to work with. It can get complicated because the only way to really use beer is to cook it down, so doing so you never know how it’s going to react or change in flavor/texture.


What makes you select certain styles of beers? 

We usually work with darker beers like porters, because it’s just easiest to create a molasses style syrup with them that’s action packed with flavor!


Are the beers that you make a donut with the same beers you would drink with the donut?

We’ve actually never tried it, but I’m sure you definitely can pair it! Typically the experiments we’ve done before with beer have been more on the ‘salty’ donut side and when does beer not pair with salty food?!

Visit The Salty Donut at 50 NW 23rd St in Wynwood

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