A PUP-lifting Rescue Story with Paws 4 You

If you’ve been to the Social Hall on a Sunday in the past year, you’ve probably met some of our furry friends during our monthly Pups & Pints event. While the patio is always open to dogs, we’ve been welcoming Paws 4 You, a local no-kill rescue, to the brewery each month to help adoptable pups find a home. Paws 4 You’s mission is keeping dogs safe from the threat of euthanasia, so we invite them out to the brewery to showcase some of their adoptable pups and raise a little money. Honestly, what’s better than playing with an adorable dog while sipping a cold beer!?

While Pups & Pints is only about a year old, Paws 4 You has been at it for over 10 years, rescuing and finding homes for an estimated 3,000 dogs. Last year alone they rescued 321 dogs. This year’s goal is 400! Since we started the Pups & Pints program, four dogs have been fully adopted as a direct result from the event (Sonny, Redd, Hercules and Violet), plus countless adoption applications.

See below to learn about one dog who found his forever home during Pups & Pints!

Name: Sonny (now Tonks!)

Breed: Terrier mix

Age:  1 year old when rescued (2 now)

Before Paws 4 You:

Sonny was found as a stray and impounded by Miami-Dade Animal Services, in January of 2017. By February he was rescued by Paws 4 You and because he was a good boy he was able to attend Pups & Pints in March. Mike Ashworth and partner Lindsey attended and fell in love with him. They soon adopted him and named him Tonks!

The Rescue Story:

Mike Ashworth: Lindsey and I had been searching for a rescue for several weeks after deciding six months earlier that we wanted to adopt. We made quite a few trips to Miami-Dade and Broward animal shelters, but struggled to find a pup that felt like the right fit. After another frustrating weekend of shelter visits, we were watching the news on NBC6 and saw a segment on Paws 4 You and the Pups and Pints event. We already had planned to go see a few dogs up in Broward but decided to take a look at the website to see the dogs at Paws 4 You.

We stopped by Concrete Beach (for the first time) and he was the first dog we saw. Without even knowing his breed or his history, I just knew that I wanted to take him home. We were able to take him over to the bar and sit with him for a while and he was just the sweetest pup. I remember returning him to the Paws 4 You tent only to go back a few minutes later and ask to hang out with him again. There was also a moment where he put his paws up on the shoulders of one of the volunteers, just to snuggle. They told me, “He likes to hug.” That sealed the deal. Lindsey and I filled out an application and after a few days, we got the call that he was ours! The first night he spent a few hours just lying out on our balcony, sniffing the air and it felt like an overwhelming sense of freedom for all of us. And to this day, first thing in the morning and every time I come home, I get a hug from Tonks. We also frequent Concrete Beach quite a bit since that day, not just to support Paws 4 You but because we also just love going there.


So what’s the best way to support P4Y if you’re not in a position to adopt right now? 

    • Donate at www.paws4you.org.
    • Sign up for the Paws 4 You newsletter and follow them on social media to learn about opportunities to help and spread the word.
    • Attend Paws 4 You special events.
    • Volunteer! They need every job position that a business needs to run (administrative, IT, graphic design, web design, web programming, database, managerial) in addition to laundry, washing dishes, walking dogs, event planning, fundraising etc. There’s something for everyone!
    • Board your current pets with them when you leave town to help  support the rescue!


You can learn more about Paws 4 You Rescue here or come hang with them on the 3rd Sunday of every month!