Meet the Familia // Matt

Each month we highlight one of the awesome members of our wild and crazy familia. April is all about our Social Hall Lead, Matt, a man on the move. When he’s not running around the brewery, he’s running around town, at great distances. In fact, Matt is a marathon runner, but we can get more into that below. Without further ado, here’s Matt!

How long have you been with CBB?

3 years!

If you were a beer, what style would you be? 

I would be a Pilsner because I’m pretty easy going and easy to get along with most of the time.

What’s your spirit animal?

Grizzly bear

What’s an interesting fact about you that not many people know?  

I’ve run the London Marathon.

What’s your favorite local lunch spot in Wynwood?  

Panther’s Coffee… I make my own lunch most of the time.

If you had to describe your life with fictional characters who would it be?  

Let’s start with the Flintstones and move on to the Jetsons.

What’s your guilty pleasure (PG, of course)?  

Peanut Butter Nutter Butters

Something that makes you go WHY?  

Miami drivers.

Name three things you want to accomplish off your bucket list.

Run the Boston Marathon, go sky diving and travel to the other side of the world.

How long have you been a runner and what do you enjoy most about running? 

There’s no other high like the runner’s high!


If you love running as much as Matt does, join us for our Concrete Beach Cavalry Run on the last Wednesday of every month. It’s a 3-mile run around the neighborhood with $4 pints at the Social Hall afterwards for participants. We’ll also be at the Mercedes Benz Corporate Runs this month in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami.

Oh, and one more fun fact about Matt, he’ll be crossing the Boston Marathon off his bucket list this month. Please join us in wishing ‘good luck’ to our Nutter Butter-loving, fully caffeinated, George Jetson on his race!

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