If You Don’t Know, Now You Know (About Growlers)

Growlers! You’ve probably seen them hanging at the Social Hall, heard us talk about them and maybe you even fill yours on the regular…or maybe you don’t (yet). Now, we know that some of you guys are craft beer and growler pros, so feel free to skip to the bottom of this blog. But for those of you who’ve never taken your beer to-go from the brewery, we answered some questions about growlers that everyone’s probably had or googled at some point or another.

  • How long does the beer last in a growler?
    • Growlers are fresh draft beer, so you want to try and drink them when they’re fresh! We recommend not waiting more than 48 hours to open your growler, and once it’s opened- drink the whole thing! Share with friends!

  • How many pints are in a growler?
    • We have 2 sizes, one with 2 pints (32oz.), and one with 4 (64oz.).

  • Which beers can I get in a growler at the Social Hall?
    • Any of them! (except nitro beers)

  • Do I need to clean the growler myself before refilling? What’s the best way to clean it?
    • You can bring your growlers back to us for a cleaning, but at home we recommend a hot water rinse. If you have a sanitizer, even better! Lipid based cleaning products (like hand soap) should be avoided!

  • Can I fill a non-Concrete Beach growler at the Social Hall?
    • Absolutely!

So, why all the growler talk? Because we’re running a BOGO Deal through September 30th, just in time for Labor Day weekend! Buy one growler glass (beer separately) and get a second glass free. Here’s what’s on tap at the brewery right now so you can plan accordingly.

To top it off, you can always stop in and fill those 2 new growlers during our weekly growler special on Fill Up Fridays!