Don’t Be Jelly PB&J Eating Competition



Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company

IT’S A BREWERY BRAWL! The 2nd Annual “Don’t Be Jelly” PB&J Eating Competition is here! Lincoln’s Beard Brewery  has officially challenged Miami’s local brewing community to another high-energy, high-intensity, high-viscosity contest of will and wits.

We’re the reigning champs and will defend our title against 10+ breweries!

Here are a few essential facts:
– Each competitor is required dress up as a character of their choice (Full name, back story and entry song)
– Competitors will choose jelly type: Grape or Strawberry.
– Tiebreaker will be a shotgun showdown of Lincoln’s Best Sparkling Ale

It shall be hosted by none other than Chazz Sunshine (AKA John Falco) &Mr PB&J (AKA Alex Valle). See you at The Beard on March 25th!

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