Concrete Beach Brewery

Learning about beer never tasted so good!

Making beer and tasting it is an art form that we take seriously here at Concrete Beach. Every month, we want to share our art work with you by teaching you about beer. Each BrewU will have a different theme and $15 will get you access to the 1 hour class with our brewers and a beer!

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JULY: American Brewing History

Join us for a special edition of Brew House Rock as we dive into the brewing history of America and pair beers with BBQ’d favorites.

AUGUST: Sour Beer Styles

Join us to learn a little bit more about sour beer styles and how they are made.

SEPTEMBER: Food & Beer Pairing

Join us as we teach you how to make your next beer dinner a hit with some food & beer pairing tips from our brewers.

OCTOBER: Märzen Beer Styles

Join us as we learn about Märzen’s and their history as an Oktoberfest style of beer.

NOVEMBER: Spiced Beer Styles

Join us as we learn about spiced beers and how our Deck The Walls Imperial Porter is made.

DECEMBER: Sensory 101

Join us as we learn about off flavors and what to look for when tasting beer.

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