Dream Beer Dreamin’

It’s BACK for the 3rd year running!

What’s back you ask? Our What Brews You contest where we ask you what you would brew for the city of Miami. And what do you win? Well first, you win a kegerator and some brewery swag which is pretty sweet. But really you win the chance to bring your idea to life with our brewers and see it on tap at the Social Hall.

Check out the videos of previous winners for some inspiration and then enter your idea here.


2015 – Dave Butler’s Mojito Cream Ale

2016 – Eric Durr’s Guava Lychee Saison

2017 – Your Beer Here!

Name: _______________________

Style: _______________________

Hops: _______________________

Malts: _______________________

Fruits: _______________________

Vegetables: _______________________

Spices: _______________________

Other Ingredients: _______________________

Ready… GO!